Blueridge Software Formed

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA. March 29, 2002. Blueridge Software, Inc. is entering the growing market for contract management software. The new company will focus on developing and marketing affordable, easy-to-use, off-the-shelf software designed to help organizations manage their contracts and negotiated agreements.

According to Blueridge President Stan Littley, organizations are becoming increasingly aware that better managing their contracts is vital.

“More and more business is being done under negotiated agreements,” Littley said. “And too often, companies focus a lot of energy on negotiating a contract and then put the document in a drawer. This can create all kinds of problems, including lost revenue, increased expenses, and the liability that can result from missing contractual deadlines.

“Specialized software is a simple, cost-effective way to improve contract administration,” he continued. “We plan to offer software that can quickly pay for itself – often by preventing just one unwanted auto-renewal.”

Blueridge Software, Inc.
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