Enterprise Edition: The Most Full-Featured Version

Enterprise Edition includes features designed to give your organization unprecedented flexibility to manage, view, and report on contract information. No more lapsed renewals and missed deliverables that cost your enterprise time – and money.

  • SQL Server-based for power and scalability.
  • Email notification of custom and recurring alarms.
  • Flexible user permissions set by roles, groups, or individual users.
  • Database storage of all contracts, related docs.
  • Full-text search of records and stored documents.
  • Control viewable fields.
  • Report Designer – with even more starter reports.

And of course all the helpful Contract Assistant features available with all versions:

  • Main window display of Index of contracts, alarms and more.
  • Library of starter reports.
  • Contract overview and notes fields.
  • Unlimited user-defined categories and key elements/clauses.
  • Customizable fields and user-defined pull-downs.
  • Financial summary fields & monetary key elements.

Compare Contract Assistant Editions

  Standard PRO Enterprise
   Complete electronic record
   Supports multiple databases
   Store Overview of contract
   Link & open related files
   Financial summary fields
   Integration with Laserfiche document  mgmt system
   Store lengthy text in Overview & Notes
   Store documents securely in the database
   Read/write or read-only by database    
   Contract record level security    
   Field level security    
   Security Access Groups    
   Document Groups    
   Unlimited alarmable events per contract
   Main window display of “ringing” alarms
   Automatic email notification of alarms    
   Recurring alarms    
   Simple to advanced searches
   Additional advanced filters & wild card searching
   Saved searches
   Full-text (key word/phrase) searching    
   Unlimited user-defined categories
   Unlimited user-defined key elements
   Monetary key elements
   Customizable fields
   User-defined date fields
   User-defined pull-down lists & direct entry fields
   Customization by user group or individual user    
   Easy standard reporting
   Includes library of pre-built reports
   Custom reporting optional
   Report security tied to user permission level
 Implementation Options
   Local, remote or web (see note below)
   Supports very large databases
   Scalable for large numbers of users

Note on Implementation Options: Client/server, or using remote desktop technology such as Citrix or Remote Desktop Services /Terminal Services, or as a self-hosted web application using Citrix XenApp.