Blueridge Software Retires Debt Early

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA. April 30, 2007. Blueridge Software, Inc. has retired its debt more than a year prior to maturity. In mid-2003, the Company obtained loans from private investors to fund the further expansion of its business. The Company began making pre-payments in 2005 and has now repaid the loans, which were due to mature in mid-2008, in full. Blueridge Software, which was formed in 2002 and has been profitable for the past several years, is now debt-free.

Blueridge Software focuses on developing and marketing affordable, easy-to-use contract management software designed to help organizations effectively manage their contracts and negotiated agreements. The Company was formed in March 2002 and introduced its first product, Contract Assistantâ„¢ Standard Edition, in October 2002.

Blueridge Software President Stan Littley said, “The loan financing enabled us to more rapidly carry out our product development plans and to expand our sales and marketing programs. Since the funding in mid-2003, we’ve introduced Contract Assistant PRO Edition and Contract Assistant Enterprise Edition and built on those successful production introductions with subsequent versions. We’re pleased to have had the funds to support the expansion our business – and equally pleased to pay off our debt more than a year ahead of schedule.”

Blueridge Software is a leading developer of affordable, feature-filled, easy-to-use contract management software. With Contract Assistant, users can quickly access important information, generate reports, receive automatic reminders of critical dates, and more. Contract Assistant is available in single-user Standard Edition, multi-user PRO Edition, and powerful, SQL-based Enterprise Edition. These three versions of Contract Assistant provide tools to help organizations of all sizes manage their contracts and negotiated agreements with confidence.

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