Enterprise Edition v5.2 Released

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA. November 7, 2005 — Blueridge Software, Inc. today announced the introduction of Enterprise Edition Version 5.2, a substantial upgrade to its existing Contract Assistant Enterprise Edition contract management software.

Contract Assistant Enterprise Edition is an affordable, flexible, off-the-shelf contract management solution that couples the intuitive user interface of Contract Assistant with the power and scalability of SQL. This version of Contract Assistant is intended for small workgroups to large organizations and can accommodate even very large databases and numbers of users.

Since its introduction in January 2005, Contract Assistant Enterprise Edition has proven a hit with users. Among its most popular features are email notification of date-driven alerts, multi-level security, and full-text searching. Contract Assistant Enterprise Edition Version 5.2 builds on this success with enhancements and new features, many of which have been added as a result of customer requests.

New Features & Enhancements
The new Enterprise Edition Version 5.2 offers more than 30 additional user-nameable fields, one-click copying of any contract record including all details, and the ability to enter an unlimited number of monetary values for a contract, along with associated information.

Other new features and enhancements include improved indexing speed and navigation options, the ability to share search structures in a library that can be accessed by other users, increased length of some key fields, and a Read Only View All user role. In addition, the custom report writer is now easier to use, with a step-by-step tutorial, an expanded library of starter reports, and pre-built sub-reports.

Easy Upgrade
Current Contract Assistant Enterprise Edition customers can migrate easily to the new Version 5.2 by using the built-in conversion utility. Users of the single-user Contract Assistant Standard Edition or multi-user PRO Edition can take advantage of an upgrade path, with quick, automated import of their existing Contract Assistant databases.

Simplified Installation
A new click-through Installer simplifies set-up. Contract Assistant Enterprise Edition databases are installed on servers running Microsoft SQL 2000. User modules are installed on local PCs running Windows 2000 or XP and can also be run on virtual desktop software for remote access.

After installation, the primary user of a Contract Assistant Enterprise Edition database can use the program’s built-in tools to carry out the day-to-day administration of the database without IT help. Comprehensive, illustrated documentation is written for the average user. Key contract information is easily entered, viewed and searched, and can be shared via unlimited custom reports.

About Blueridge Software
Blueridge Software is a leading developer of affordable, feature-filled, easy-to-use contract management software. With Contract Assistant, users can quickly access important information, generate reports, receive automatic reminders of critical dates, and more. Contract Assistant is available in single-user Standard Edition, multi-user PRO Edition, and powerful, SQL-based Enterprise Edition. These three versions of Contract Assistant provide tools to help organizations of all sizes manage their contracts and negotiated agreements with confidence.

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