contract management software - small image
Screenshot of Contract Assistant PRO 3.7

Blueridge Software, Inc., is rolling out its new edition of Contract Assistant PRO – changes the company says were driven largely from user feedback. PRO 3.7 is a significant upgrade with the following important features:

  • Fresh, Crisp User Interface
    A new color palette, easy-to-understand icons, a navigation ribbon, and illustrated documentation that is on-screen accessible.
  • One-Click Copying
    Copy a contract record—and all its details—with just one click. You can then view the new record and modify it as needed.
  • 45+ More Customizable Fields
    A massive increase from 7 to 55 customizable field names and captions. Plus, all can be changed for every user in one easy-to-use Administrator screen.
  • 21 New User-Defined Fields
    Organize your contracts like never before with: 6 new financial summary fields, 5 new direct entry user-defined text fields, 5 new user-defined pull-downs, and 5 new user-defined date fields.
  • Monetary Key Elements
    This new type of key element provides an additional field designed to hold monetary values. Then, summarize these values into one or more of the new, searchable Financial Summary fields.
  • Contract Modification Fields
    New, searchable fields allow you to automatically track the date and time a contract record was added to the database, which user added it, the last date and time a contract record was modified, and who did the modification.
  • Enhanced and Expanded Search Capability
    Name and save your search criteria for future use, extra search filters, and wild-card searching of more fields including those newly added.
  • All New Custom Reporting
    Powered by the Report Designer—our new, robust custom report writer—you can quickly gather and review results based on any one field, a subset, or your entire database. Jump right in with a set of starter reports or configure your own with the built-in User’s Guide and step-by-step tutorial.

The new PRO includes a built-in conversion utility that allows users of earlier versions to migrate easily to Version 3.7. And if you are using the single-user Contract Assistant Standard Edition, consider taking advantage of our exclusive upgrade path including a quick, automated import of your existing Contract Assistant database. Contact Blueridge Software for more details.