Welcome to Contract Assistant Connection

Welcome to the new Contract Assistant Connection – a blog focused on straightforward conversation about contract management software and one of the leading products in the market, Contract Assistant.

For this inaugural post, let’s start with an introduction into what contract management software does, and then what Contract Assistant is all about.

Contract management software is the perfect solution for business of any size, in any industry, to protect themselves from the costs and risks of managing their stacks of unorganized contracts. Just about every business’s operations are governed by contracts in one way or another.

As organizations grow, so do the number and complexity of different contracts. Even a relatively small company may have many contracts for vendor services, including: office and building leases, software licenses, maintenance agreements, warranties, site hosting agreements, sales contracts, contractor agreements – just to name a few.

What once may have seemed manageable with simple file folders, a stapler, and a cabinet can quickly evolve into an unmanageable mountain of paper. Whether you run a small organization or a large enterprise, Contract Assistant is the right software to make it easy to manage contracts, which saves you – and your business – time and money.

Many business cases exist for why an organization needs to employ a product like Contract Assistant. This blog will explore those cases in future posts and demonstrate the link between the features of  Contract Assistant and tangible real-world benefits, too.

Blueridge Software developed Contract Assistant in 2002 to create a solution that would help businesses of any size manage many contracts and negotiated agreements; quickly access important data; receive automatic reminders of critical dates; and generate rich reporting to build business intelligence.

To meet the varying needs of the different business sizes it caters to, Contract Assistant is available in three editions:

  • Standard: An affordable, single-user edition, that provides easy-to-use tools to organize contract information in one place and manage contract details with confidence – ideal for smaller organizations.
  • PRO: Designed for small-to-medium businesses, this edition allows multiple users to access your Contract Assistant databases and provides greater power and flexibility.
  • Enterprise: The most comprehensive, powerful contract management software developed especially for larger work groups or organizations, with top features and scalability to accommodate databases of any size

It’s easy to see that Contract Assistant is really on to something – and we can’t wait to keep sharing information with you through the Contract Assistant Connection.

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